Monday, November 9, 2020





I am good in games,        but             I am not a player

 Who am I?

I am good in science,     but            I am not a scientist

 Who am I?

 I am good in biology,    but              I am not a doctor

 Who am I?

I am good in history,            but              I am not archaeologist

Who am I?

I am good in arts,      but      I am not an artist

Who am I?

 I am good in fighting,    but            I am not a boxer

Who am I?

I am good in explaining,      but      I am not a teacher

 Who am I?

   I am a Student!!!!!


Syed Arsalaan Ahmed – 2D


By Wania Sayed
Grade 4 B

Pollution is how toxins mix in the natural environment and make it harmful for both
human beings and animals. Plants also get affected by pollution. Air, water, soil, and
noise pollution are some forms of pollution. Both natural and human activities
contribute to pollution. Volcanic eruptions or oil and gas leakage can cause pollution.

Most human activities cause pollution. It is because of the consumerist approach of
us. We use more than our needs, which adversely affect nature. The gases from
vehicles and factories pollute the air. Solid garbage from factories, households, etc.
pollutes the land and water. Agricultural wastes, pesticides cause pollution in the
rural area. The massive sound of music, vehicle, and machinery causes noise
pollution. The whole world is now suffering from pollution, which is causing Global


Trees should be planted on a large level to increase oxygen in the air. We should
compromise with our consumerist approach. We have to understand the difference
between need and want. Plastic bags should be avoided to decrease the level of
land and water pollution. We should not always use our vehicle as more vehicle
creates more harmful gases and noises. We should maintain a proper drainage
system to protect the water from getting polluted. Natural activities cannot be
stopped, but we can control our actions. If we do so, we can minimize the impacts of
pollution in nature.


Thursday, October 29, 2020



Holding hands



A starry night sky on the streets of Los Angeles, a vivid memory of me and my best friend Sara was a true dream come true and a nightmare. She called me to share the news. We had a meeting in the paramount cafe at 8:30 pm. I dressed up and left to meet her we chatted for a while and time passed it was 9:45 by then Sara wanted to go for a walk I agreed and we started walking along with the suburbs of Los Angeles, we stopped a lake nearby and she showed me a plane ticket, I was puzzled and clueless. The next thing she said was completely unexpected and surprising. She broke the news to me, she said that she will be leaving for Seoul for the rest of her life and there will be no chances to meet face to face. It was a friendship of 16 years she has been with me through thick and thin, ups and downs. I felt like a part of my heart had departed away from me but I had to support her decision. I was sobbing. I endured everything and asked her about the departure and it was the next day I was startled and sobbed again but I didn't want to spend the small amount of time we had. It was late at night, that's when I understood what life is short and time doesn't wait for anything mean she gave me a little heart pendant and said it's time for her to leave we spent the last couple of minutes holding hands and staring at the stars she told me to look at the sky and find the brightest star and I did then she told me that brightest star only shines in the darkest of nights she said I have to be that bright star in the darkness. It was Midnight at that moment. We bid our goodbyes and left with great sadness. Even though the memories are blurry and vivid, the words are crystal clear to me, she Is still in Seoul now. We talk on social media. She is having a lot of fun and so am I. I still miss her but we meet in the video call. Time passes by quickly. It's what you do in that time that matters; the small things you do can make big changes in other lives.



Joyce Gethsimani